Designing digital and printed media can be quite a time-consuming process so your participation in the following guidelines will be much appreciated.


  • With some orders, I require content from you as the client.
  • Please send your content via email, Dropbox or WeTransfer to as soon as possible.
  • I can only start designing your order once I received all your content in total.
  • If I don’t receive your content in time due to any reason, I would, unfortunately, need to continue with the next clients’ project.
  • I only accept digital content, which means, typed text, pictures, videos or video links, URL’s, contact details, addresses, and any other type that is immediately usable on a computer.
  • If you are unable to send the content via the internet, you are welcome to deliver a flash disk, cd or external hard drive, and I will copy it from there.
  • For any text and heading content, please do proper spell checks, grammar checks and overall quality checks before you send it.
  • Surcharges will apply if you require me to do any text or content editing.


  • I issue two revision phases with every design related order.
  • During these revision phases, it is the clients’ responsibility to do a detailed check of everything including fonts, artwork, colours, layouts and general quality of the work.
  • Kindly send all your detailed changes and recommendations during these two phases to
  • Please send the revision feedback as soon as possible otherwise I will continue with the next client.
  • Surcharges will apply if a third revision phase is required.


  • It is the clients’ responsibility to ensure usage rights of any content sent to RVE Media.
  • RVE Media and it’s employees will not be held responsible for any risks, claims, costs or legal fines if copyrighted content is used on your behalf.


  • Upon completion, every order must be signed off, and the outstanding balances settled before I send the master copy files.
  • I can deliver your files via email, Dropbox, iCloud or WeTransfer. Personal collection on flash disk is also accepted.
  • Orders with outstanding balances remain the property of RVE Media and may not be shared or used until the account has been settled in full.